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Windows on the Water at Frogbridge

Windows on the Water at Frogbridge
View over the lake

When a wedding Photographer gets carried away

When a wedding Photographer gets carried away
Bad Idea

Here he is again

Here he is again

Hello I m a photojournalist

Hello I m a photojournalist

Monday, June 28, 2010

Always more to learn

As everybody knows today's world is computers. And what runs computers? Software. This past Friday I was in Manhattan for an Adobe Photoshop CS5 seminar. It was sponsored by NAPP which is the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Scott Kelby was one of the speakers along with Matt Klokowski, RC Concepion, Corey Barker and others. There were a least a thousand people attending. The line to enter stretched the length of 34th street from 8th Ave to 9th.
The information to be learned is staggering.

On Sunday I was in Manhattan once again to attend a LIghtroom seminar presented by Adobe and given by Tom Hogarty the Adobe Lightroom project manager. The seminar was at Adorama in there 5th floor presentation room.
Once again I was dazzled by the information and more importantly what I can accomplish with and to my photographs. Amazing simply amazing.
After the Sunday seminar I walked up to 25 street and did some flea marketing.
It was the Gay rights parade on Sunday, the parade route is from 36 ST. to the village on 5th Ave.
Walking up to the 25 St. flea market I walked along 5th Ave, the amount of people on the street as well as the diversity of the marchers was just fantastic.
The marchers were dressed in as many outlandish, funny, interesting costumes as you can imagine.
There were parade floats from all over the world and I even saw a giant Macy's float.

I stay up on all the technology this is something that must be done.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A charming sentiment that somes up what I do

I have had this cartoon for a very long time. Before blogs and computers. Now there is a great way to share it with every body, my blog. I hope you feel the sentiment as I do.
Best wishes Norm

Monday, June 21, 2010

A beautiful Albanian wedding Saranda and Amon

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to photography for my great friend and fantastic videographer Bo. He asked me to photography a relative of his. 

Albanian weddings are very different from an American wedding. There is a separate reception just for the bride and her family and friends. 
The bride wears a beautiful gown but will not be actually getting married until July 5th where the wedding will take place in Albania.

I take must of the portraits before the reception then the bride is lead to into the reception area by one of her brothers and another family member. Once at the reception she dances traditional Albanian dance and then by custom she is to remain standing at the head table for most of the reception. She sits down just for a while to eat. The groom does come to the reception, in my case his family is composed of just his two sisters. 

Except for some more traditional dancing the groom does not interact with the bride.
After the reception just the bride and groom and myself went to the park for some portraits we had fun.
Because the groom only speaks Albanian I needed to use plenty of had gestures.
Take a look at the photos for a small glimpse into an Albanian wedding

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Had fun at the water shooting the Elkins family

I had a great time photographing the Elkins family for their family portraits.
We went to this wonderful spot I know by the water. It has beach and rocks and all types of photo ops.
Brad the dad, Liza the mom and the twins Sam and Justin.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Look what I found at the Flea Market

I am a flea Market junkie. I never know what will turn up. I was perusing the Englishtown flea market one weekend. I noticed this strange looking chair sitting on top of the cab to a big pick-up truck.
I meandered over towards it and immediately thought (I had never seen anything like it,  it would be great and work great in the studio). It was relatively inexpensive but I did not purchase it right away.
I did my flea market thing and walked all around. Because the chair was so high up it could be seen from all over the market. I kept checking it was still there. Finally I was ready for home this chair was weighing on my mind. I decided you have to buy one of a kind things when you see them or so long item.
I bought it and  brought it to Marty the upholsterer at Englishtown in the blue building.  He did a great job and a great price. I am going to use this for kids, pets, brides, it is perfect.
Take a look.
See ya soon,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great Dinner at a great price

Judy and I recently had the opportunity to dine at the new Texas Road House restaurant on Route 9 South in Old Bridge. Texas Road House replaced what used to be the Old Country Buffet.
You can choose your own steak from a refrigerated case or order from the many many choices.
Service was wonderful and the portion size very generous.
I would suggest leaving waiting time my prediction is long lines.
Menu runs from steaks to ribs to burgers and more.
Check it out you will have a great meal and a great time.
Have fun!